For delicious handmade noodles and dumplings, there’s no better place than i-Dumpling, an authentic Chinese dumpling house in Redwood City. When you enter our small, inviting space, our owner will greet you with a warm smile, a pot of hot tea and recommendations for some unusual yet, traditional dishes to try.

Start with an order or two of i-Dumpling’s classic, authentic, Northern Chinese-style homemade dumplings, and find out why we’re known for serving the best dumplings on the Peninsula. Try the Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai soup dumplings, filled with hot, savory soup that bursts in your mouth when you take a bite. The shrimp, pork and chive dumplings are another customer favorite, made with chewy, springy dough filled with juicy ground pork and shrimp filling, seasoned and steamed to perfection. Our dumplings are handmade and budget-friendly, and hearty enough to make a meal on their own. Dip them in our special house made chili sauce, an original recipe with caramelized onions and garlic and a slow burn of hot chili.

More About Us!

Make sure you sample i-Dumpling’s unique appetizers and noodle dishes as well. If you order soup, we fill a big bowl with a generous portion of our fresh, hand pulled noodles, your choice of meats and a deliciously spicy broth. Try the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup for a real taste of home-style Chinese cooking. Or go for a Taiwanese-style bento box, with a large portion of grilled or fried chicken or pork, served with rice, vegetables and soy sauce marinated egg. All our dishes are made with care each and every day, so whatever you order, you will leave happy and satisfied.

Come to i-Dumpling for inexpensive, tasty and authentic Chinese dumplings, noodles and more, served in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We sell our fresh noodles to go, so feel free to pick up a bag or two to take home. We are located on Broadway Street in the heart of Redwood City. We’re closed on Mondays but be sure to stop in Tuesday through Sunday! We hope you’ll dine on our food soon.